In this video series, MGP pulls back the curtain on the industry with some of the most intriguing professionals in the distilling business. Unfiltered and unscripted, the guests share personal stories and insights on what keeps them motivated in this highly competitive industry.

Episode 1

Spirits: The Original Internet

Adam talks bonding with the in-laws, Matthew helps Los Angelinos relax after a tough day and Dave offers up $100 bills.

Episode 2


Dave talks about work/life balance, Ryan gets things fixed around the distillery and Andy measures the small things along the way while keeping the bigger picture in mind.

Episode 3

All these things you don’t know about

Adam asks everyone about the supply chain, Elliott wants to know if anyone feels held back and Matthew gets real on why young distilleries release vodka first.

Episode 4


Dave schools us on the old school, Heather champions the blender and Matthew opens up about Mulholland’s methods.

Episode 5

It’s not romANTIC bUT IT’S REAL

Adam explains honey bee science and Elliott appreciates the real honest answers.

Episode 6


Heather gets specific about flavor profiles, Dave talks scientific method and Adam drops big words on the group.

Episode 7


Andy tells the story of his family legacy in the Nashville spirits game and ponders the gift of not knowing.

Thirsty for more?

New industry voices. Same unfiltered spirit. In season 2 episode 1, guests discuss the different methods and merits of blending, brewers’ barrel-finishing and more.

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Master Distiller/Consultant

You don’t get Whiskey Advocate’s Lifetime Achievement award for nothing. As the original and long-time Master Distiller at Woodford Reserve, Dave has spent his career immersed in almost every facet of the spirits business, giving him an incredible wealth of knowledge. Today, Dave is the owner of High Spirits Enterprise where he consults and shares his expertise with distillery entrepreneurs across the country.


Co-Founder | Nelson’s Green Brier Distillery

When Andy and his brother Charlie set out to resurrect Nelson’s Green Brier Distillery, founded in the 1800s by their great-great-great grandfather Charles Nelson, the two realized their kinship ran deeper than blood. They just knew it was their destiny to bring the family whiskey business back to life. And since then, that true Tennessee whiskey is at the heart of their business as well as their family.


Founder | Mulholland Distilling

It’s not often you’re struck with a business opportunity in the middle of a backyard party, but for cinematographer Matthew Alper, that’s exactly when the inspiration flashed for Mulholland Distilling. Together with business partner and actor Walton Goggins, they’ve worked tirelessly to create an exceptional line of spirits to call their own and reflects Los Angeles’ eclectic mix of cultures and flavor.


Whiskey Author and Partner | Milam & Greene

Heather is a world-renowned whiskey expert and author. Most recently, she added CEO and Partner to her list of accomplishments when she accepted the position at Ben Milam in Blanco, Texas. She’s already flexed her distilling skills by helping launch Milam & Greene blended whiskeys under the Ben Milam label.


Co-Founder | Cardinal Spirits

Co-Founders Adam Quirk and Jeff Wuslich of Cardinal Spirits started the company because of a shared passion for craft spirits and American manufacturing. With so many manufacturing jobs leaving the U.S., they wanted to build a company that puts people before the bottom line. With a focus on crafting spirits with their hands, hearts and minds, Adam proudly works alongside like-minded creators at Cardinal.


Owner/Distiller | Drift Distillery

Husband and wife team Ryan and Lesli Winter founded Drift Distillery to create small batch spirits that are handmade in the community of San Clemente, California. Together, they source their wheat from the family farm in Bison, Kansas and make it a point to incorporate as much family tradition into what they do as possible.


Founder | Apartment Bartender

Elliott is the content creator and influencer behind the highly positive and engaging @apartment_bartender and @earnyourbooze social profiles. His thirst for all things spirits-related, and the lifestyle that entails is never ending. As a veteran cocktail enthusiast, Elliott is more than happy to talk tastes and trends, all while making a killer drink.

“Spirits are really good at bridging the gaps between different people.”